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Here are the top ten articles for the Suspense / Thriller Books Site! These rankings are live and get reset at the beginning of each month, so check back often to see what your fellow visitors are most interested in!

1. Thief's Mark Book Review
FBI agents Emma Sharpe and Colin Donovan are on their honeymoon in Ireland when they become involved in assisting M15 with a murder involving a notorious art thief. This is a romantic thriller and is great fun.

2. Starr Bright will be With You Soon Book Review
Serial killer, Sharon Donner, who is estranged from her twin sister, Lily, decides to visit her hometown, after 15 years away. She is welcomed with open arms, by Lily and her family, but her influence may just ruin the lives of her only relatives.

3. The Broken Girls Book Review
Journalist Fiona Sheridan is writing a story on an old abandoned boarding school that is in the process of being restored. She gets involved in the events which puts her and others in danger while unraveling the long-buried mysteries

4. Forgotten Boxes Book Review
Charity Gannon discovers some undelivered boxes from 31 years prior while cleaning out her Aunt's shed after settling her Aunt's estate. Thinking it would be fun to deliver them and surprise the recipients, Charity puts herself in danger and tries to unravel a 31 year old mystery.

5. I know a Secret Book Review
Rizzoli and Isles investigate some brutal murders that mimic the martyrdom of Catholic saints. There is plenty of suspense, and the book is difficult to put down.

6. An Echo of Murder Book Review
Monk investigates especially grisly murder in the Hungarian section of Victorian London, and since investigations were fairly slow, more bodies begin to pile up. He seeks help from his wife Hester, as well as a disturbed war veteran.

7. Everyone Pays Book Review
Does anyone have a right to murder people who commit heinous crimes against women? This novel will get readers thinking. Although the end is a surprise, the murderer is known throughout, but Clara Donner, the detective investigating must follow the clues.

8. She Be Damned Book Review
Heloise Chauncey is a former prostitute, now wealthy courtesan, and is also a detective. The police trust her and hire her for investigations since she knows a different side of respectable. This historical novel is fun and takes place on the seedy side of the 1800s.

9. The Stepchild Book Review
Kathi Ellison is very happy living with her boyfriend, David, but begins to relive memories that belong to someone else. As the novel progresses, the memories play an important part in building suspense and keeping the interest of readers. This is a scary psychological thriller.

10. Earthly Remains Book Review
Commissario Guido Brunetti needs a vacation after an arrogant suspect gets off on a murder because of his social standing, and takes a vacation at the villa of Paola's relative. There he gets involved in a murder investigation.

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