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Here are the top ten articles for the Suspense / Thriller Books Site! These rankings are live and get reset at the beginning of each month, so check back often to see what your fellow visitors are most interested in!

1. MacBeth Book Review
Award winning author Jo Nesbo has retold Shakespeare's classic MacBeth in a novel set in the 1970s where Duncan, chief of police is fighting Hegate, who has caused a huge drug problem in a small industrial town.

2. Girl on the Run Book Review
Chessa Paxton has been dreaming of planning and designing costumes for an event like The Happily Ever After Ball, and everything has turned out perfectly, that is until her husband is murdered and there is a massacre including several guests. Chessa is the main suspect and must run.

3. Girl Number One Book Review
Ellie Blackwood witnessed her mother's murder when she was six. On the 18th anniversary of her mother's death, Ellie finds a woman's body where her mother was murdered. A #3 on the woman's forehead and then a #2 on another body she finds convince Ellie that she is #1 and in grave danger.

4. One Right Thing Book Review
While driving through a rural Virginia town, Marty recognizes a man on a billboard that he put away for murder and knows this man served his time. He has recently been murdered, and Marty feels that it is the right thing to solve the murder.

5. The Queen's Accomplice Book Review
Maggie Hope is a unique and likable character, and in the sixth installment does not disappoint in her quest to find a Jack the Ripper copycat murderer, and to get the women who serve during the war effort the pay and benefits they have earned.

6. Dead in a Dumpster Book Review
Leah Norwood, the protagonist in this new series, discovers the body of Isabel Meeks in the dumpster behind their businesses. Isabel is not well-liked, and there are dozens of people who would want to see her dead, but unfortunately Leah is one of the top suspects. Can she prove her innocence?

7. Raven Sisters Book Review
Franza Oberweiser and her team are trying to solve a brutal murder and everything points to the victim's foster sister, who has been reported missing. Things don't quite add up, however, and while following clues, Franza exposes long-buried secrets that involve jealousy, murder, and blackmail.

8. Into the Black Nowhere Book Review
This is the second installment in the UNSUB series and it will keep thriller fans on the edge of their seats. FBI profiler, Caitlin Hendrix is trailing a serial killer patterned after Ted Bundy.

9. Little Sister Book Review
James Palatine has developed a powerful surveillance device dubbed "Little Sister." Because of an arms dealer, it is in the hands of terrorists and James must get it back before great damage is done.

10. Moral Defense Book Review
Samantha Brinkmann is back and is serving as a legal advocate to a young girl, Cassie, whose family has been murdered. Samantha can relate, since much of what Cassie is going through is similar to her own childhood. Sam's investigation uncovers things that don't add up.

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