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Here are the top ten articles for the Suspense / Thriller Books Site! These rankings are live and get reset at the beginning of each month, so check back often to see what your fellow visitors are most interested in!

1. The Seagull Book Review
Vera Stanhope is not your typical detective, but she's clever and smart and is able to solve homicides in her small English town. When she agrees to look in on a prison inmate's daughter in exchange for information on solving a cold case, the suspense builds and danger is around every corner.

2. A Fragile Thing Book Review
Billionaire Max Emerson travels to his family home after learning of his parent's tragic deaths in a suspicious automobile accident. He hasn't seen his family for several years, since he was essentially disowned, and must work against his family & law enforcement to find who murdered his parents.

3. The Fire Witness Book Review
A grisly murder is discovered at a home for wayward girls. A young girl who disappears is suspected when a bloody hammer is discovered under her bed. When a second murder is discovered at the home, Joona Linna is called in.

4. Bleak Harbor Book Review
Danny Peters, who is autistic albeit brilliant, has been kidnapped, and his mother Carey and stepfather, Pete both feel somewhat responsible. As they try to solve the crime and find the perpetrator, they find themselves in trouble wherever they turn.

5. The Watson Girl Book Review
Laura Watson's family was murdered when she was five, and the man that was blamed didn't do it. FBI Special Agent Tess Winnett has found evidence that the murderer is still out there murdering others, and also that Laura is in danger since she may remember details that point to the real killer.

6. Boss Girl Book Review
Freddy Tyler wants to expand his underground operation by pairing up with crime boss, Frank Gambino. However, Gambino has contacted Freddy's girlfriend, Anna Davis and will only do the deal if Anna turns her successful bar over to him.

7. Lie to Me Book Review
Bestselling Author J.T. Ellison's psychological thriller involves selfish, entitled characters who may serve as a social commentary on the millennial generation today; it also is a fascinating novel with plenty of suspense and twists and turns.

8. Runaway Girl Book Review
This is thee first installment in a fascinating new series where the "good guys" are mob bosses and the heroine has just escaped from a mob boss who was holding her hostage. This series is addictive.

9. An Echo of Murder Book Review
Monk investigates especially grisly murder in the Hungarian section of Victorian London, and since investigations were fairly slow, more bodies begin to pile up. He seeks help from his wife Hester, as well as a disturbed war veteran.

10. The House of Memory Book Review
Zelda Fitzgerald, wife of the famous writer, Scott Fitzgerald, has hired Raissa and Reginald from the Pluto's Snitch agency which specializes in the occult, to help her friend, Camilla who is in an asylum awaiting a lobotomy. There is plenty of suspense and a few surprises.

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