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Here are the top ten articles for the Suspense / Thriller Books Site! These rankings are live and get reset at the beginning of each month, so check back often to see what your fellow visitors are most interested in!

1. A Meaure of Darkness Book Review
A party goes out of control, gunshots are fired, and Clay Edison, deputy coroner, is called to the scene where he discovers the body of a young woman who wasn't involved with the party. His investigation leads to danger and suspense.

2. Vicious Circle Book Review
Game Warden, Joe Pickett, is involved in solving the murder of a local, and the investigation points to the Cates family who wants to get revenge against Pickett.

3. Written in Blood Book Review
DCI Marlin has had plenty of help from his psychologist friend and colleague, Al Andrews. However, since Al is close to several murder scenes, his friend has some suspicions about him. Is one of the good guys a murderer?

4. I See You Book Review
Zoe Walker sees her picture in an ad for a strange website, and then finds others who have had the same experience are being hurt or murdered. The police aren't too worried, but Zoe is diligent in getting them to help before something terrible happens to her.

5. A Deadly Marriage Book Review
David Plesence wants a divorce from his difficult wife, and she wants to get revenge because he has found another woman. Part of her revenge is to frame her husband for murders that she is committing. Will the truth ever come out, or will David be convicted of the murders?

6. Death in Paradise Book Review
Henrie O receives information in the mail that makes her doubt that her husband's death six years ago was an accident. She travels to a beautiful mansion in Kahui and manipulates her way into staying so she can investigate her husband's death, putting herself and other in grave danger.

7. The Visitors Book Review
Marion Zetland and her brother John live in a dilapidated mansion in England; neither has a social life and Marion isn't allowed in the cellar. When John has a heart attack she must face the reality of the cellar.

8. The Spike Book Review
After witnessing a murder, Marty Singer is hired by the victim's family to find her killer. While investigating, he finds himself battling corrupt businessmen and a politician.

9. Amphetamines and Pearls Book Review
Scott Mitchell, Pi extraordinaire, gets a message from a former girlfriend, who has become famous singer, asking for help. But by the time he arrives at her apartment, she has been brutally murdered. He is beat up and arrested for the crime.

10. Unpunished Book Review
Jack Renner and Maggie Gardiner are back in the second book of the series; they're investigating what becomes serial murders at a large newspaper. Suspense is high, and Jack and Maggie's distrust of each other make them a unique duo.

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