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Here are the top ten articles for the Suspense / Thriller Books Site! These rankings are live and get reset at the beginning of each month, so check back often to see what your fellow visitors are most interested in!

1. Madam Ricketts Book Review
This is the story of a reporter writing a book based on his father's notes; he interviews Madam Ricketts, and the story is told through chapters that each tell stories that are connected.

2. Stolen Ones Book Review
Kim and her team are investigating the kidnapping of a young girl from a children's centre; this leads to trying to solve several kidnappings and murders that happened previously.

3. Failsafe (Guardian Series) Book Review
Charlotte Martin is on the run after her father is murdered while carrying out his duties as an undercover NSA agent. The highly sensitive database has been stolen and Charlotte is the only one with the key to get it running again.

4. Her Frozen Cry Book Review
Amanda is investigating a murder and finds her old friend is one of the prime suspects. She must make sure she doesn't do her old friend any special favors and that she follows protocol no matter what her personal feelings are.

5. Lost Hours Book Review
Beth Rivers, a suspense writer staying off the radar in Alaska while waiting for her kidnappers trial, gets involved in solving the kidnapping and murder of a visitor to their small Alaskan city.

6. Deadly Cry Book Review
When a young mother shopping with her child is whisked away and murdered, and the next day another young mother shopping with her child is also murdered, but the child is also kidnapped, Detective Kim Stone, et al, investigates. This one is fascinating.

7. The Ghost Orchid Book Review
Milo Sturgis and Alex Delaware are investigating the double murder of a millionaire's wife and the heir of an Italian shoe empire. Kellerman's excellent writing is back on par and this is an fascinating read.

8. Manner of Death Book Review
Laurie Montgomery is the chief medical examiner, loves her job, and wants to help other doctors enjoy her area of medical expertise. When she meets a doctor who hates autopsies, she allows him to do some research on suicides and uncovers several murders.

9. The Traitor Among Us Book Review
Elena is paired with an M16 colleague to solve the murder of an M16 operative who was found on the estate of a wealthy family. Her sister, Margo, is engaged to one of the family members and Elena has to be careful.

10. Zero Days Book Review
Jack and Gabe are a team that breaks into security systems to test the vulnerabilities of companies. Gabe does the computer hacking and Jack does the physical break ins. When she comes home from a job, she finds Gabe's throat cut and goes on the run to find his killer.

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